About Deep Leadership.

Workshops and trainings designed to engage individuals, groups, teams, and organizations in the art and discipline of generative leadership.

Deep Leadership programs are experiences that allow leaders and teams to step beyond the predictable, explore new possibilities, and engage in pursuing opportunities which lead to breakthrough results and sustainable change.

We Develop Leaders and Their Teams.

We are recognized and respected for our deep intelligence in human development, rigor and mastery in the field of professional leadership and team coaching. Our programs include the following customized offerings for organizations, leaders and teams:

  • Deep Leadership Coaching: strengthening the competencies and capabilities of individual leaders in the art and discipline of leadership.
  • Team Development: sessions designed to create highly effective and collaborative teams.
  • Leading and Managing Through Change: programs for leaders in times of transition.
  • Coaching Circles™: supporting team development through peer coaching and collaboration.
  • Nurturing High-Potential Managers: developing future leaders within organizations.


Our work is informed by:

  • The Integral Development Coaching™ Method. Anchored in the disciplines of Adult Development Theory, Ontology, Sociology, Philosophy, and Adult Learning, this coaching methodology allows us to consider and support the development of the whole person. Outcomes include competence and fulfillment, self-correction and self-generation. We are Integral Development Coaches, certified through New Ventures West (San Francisco).
  • The Enneagram. A system rooted in ancient wisdom traditions and influenced by modern psychology, this system focuses on the development of the whole person, providing clients the opportunity to discover their great gifts and biggest challenges in life. Using this system in team development also allows people to see the gifts and challenges in one another, enabling clear communication and enabling an atmosphere of collegiality. We are certified Enneagram teachers, authorized to teach with the Enneagram Institute (New York).
  • Coaching Circles™. This technique and model of assisted peer coaching allows organizational teams to develop skills and practice methods that will develop an environment of creativity, collaboration and clear communication within the workplace.
  • Brain-Based Practices. This is a purposeful engagement of strategies based on research in the areas of neuroscience and physiology. In this work, we explore how memory, emotion, and experience matter in our growth and development.

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