Coaching and Consulting for Courageous Leadership in the Workplace

We Nurture and Develop Leaders and Their Teams.


We are recognized and respected for our rigorous and creative work in the field of professional leadership and team coaching. We believe that human development is an art form, which our work with every client is unique: each coaching program is crafted specifically for the person sitting across from us, each team development session is designed for the specific group around the table.


The Deep Life Methodology for Courageous Leadership is informed by and grounded in:


The Integral Development Coaching™ Method. Anchored in the disciplines of Adult Development Theory, Ontology, Sociology, Philosophy, and Adult Learning, this coaching methodology allows us to consider and support the development of the whole person. Outcomes include competence and fulfillment, self-correction and self-generation. Peter McGaugh and Angie Arendt are both Integral Development Coaches, certified through New Ventures West (San Francisco).

The Enneagram. A system rooted in ancient wisdom traditions and influenced by modern psychology, the Enneagram provides a glimpse into why we do the things we do. This tool offers insight on how we can be more responsive and less reactive in everyday life–a way of being that allows us to be better able to pivot, adjusting and adapting to ever changing circumstances and situations. Using this system in team development provides an opportunity for team members to identify, understand, and appreciate the gifts and challenges in one another, enabling clearer communication and an atmosphere of collegiality to grow. Angie Arendt and Peter McGaugh are certified Enneagram teachers, authorized to teach with the Enneagram Institute (New York).

Coaching Circles™. This technique and model of assisted peer coaching allows organizational teams to develop skills and practice methods that will develop an environment of creativity, collaboration and clear communication within the workplace.

Brain-Based Practices. This is a purposeful engagement of strategies based on research in the areas of neuroscience and physiology. In this work, we explore how memory, emotion, and experience matter in our growth and development.

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