About us.


“When you get your ‘Who am I?’ question right all of your ‘What should I do?’ questions tend to take care of themselves”

–Richard Rohr


At Deep Life, we provide people with the opportunities, experiences and resources necessary to explore the “Who am I?” questions so that the “What should I do?” answers in all areas of life can become clear.

We support people from all walks of life in becoming better partners, parents and people in the world through our Deep Living programs, events and communities. We consult and collaborate with organizations to develop and sustain generative leadership and collaborative, effective teams through our Deep Leadership work. Click on each program to learn more.

Thank you for your interest in living (and supporting others in living) a Deep Life.


Founding Partner. Senior Faculty.

As a senior executive in an international organization for twenty years, Peter knew the value of developing his gifts and the gifts of those around him. His commitment to bringing out the best in himself, his team and his colleagues is what made him a highly respected, successful, effective leader. Because Peter has carried that commitment and curiosity into his work with Deep Life, he is now a highly respected, successful, effective (and much sought-after) coach, consultant, teacher and leader with individuals and organizations across North America. Among other things, Peter is Certified and Authorized as an Enneagram Teacher with the Enneagram Institute and is Certified as an Integral Developmental Coach. Read more about Peter’s background, experience and philosophy by clicking here. 

Founding Partner. Senior Faculty.

Angie has a knack for getting people excited about their lives. She has twenty years of experience creating opportunities for people of all ages and walks of life to discover the great gift (sacredness) of their lives. Her work has created a sense of belonging, connection, curiosity and gratitude for thousands of people, families and groups small and (very) large over the years…and are foundational for her current work with Deep Life. As an Ordained Minister, Authorized Enneagram Instructor with the Enneagram Institute, and a Certified Integral Developmental Coach, Angie now creates opportunities and provides resources for individuals and organizations across North America to grow in love of God and neighbor…and in so doing, become effective, amazing, authentic leaders, parents, partners, friends, and people in the world. To learn more about Angie’s background, experiences and philosophy, click here.