Deep Life Coaching Programs

Supporting Leaders, Parents, Partners and People

Our philosophy.

Deep Life’s Coaching Programs are designed to create opportunities and provide experiences that support our clients in the developmental work of becoming more authentic, engaged and effective leaders in all areas of life. Our clients include executives, parents, other coaches, clergy, team leaders: people of all ages with from a variety of background who have an interest in growing and living with integrity and purpose. Our programs provide opportunities for our clients to engage in practices of self-awareness and awareness of others that lead to generous listening and speaking, confident and curious leadership, and a deeper connection to self and others—breakthrough outcomes and results that will be evident at home, at work and in every aspect of life.

Many of our clients come to us having had experiences with other coaches. The comment we hear time and time again is, “Your approach is different somehow…” Its true: from what we have observed, our approach really is different. We don’t believe in a “cookie cutter” approach to coaching. Our success in supporting our clients comes from our ability to connect with each person as an individual, identifying and appreciating their strengths while understanding and naming their struggles as a leader and as a human being, all while supporting them with rigor and compassion as they develop into more confident, competent and authentic leaders.

Our process.

All Deep Life coaching programs are tailor-made, providing each client with the tools and support for self-observation, self-correction and self-generation with will best suit their personality and style. Deep Life Coaches are trained in and have extensive experience with a number of coaching methodologies, including (but not limited to): Integral Development, the Enneagram, Brain-Based practices, Generative Leadership, and Coaching Circles. Each of these disciplines shapes and influences the design of our coaching programs; however, the biggest influence in the creation and implementation of a successful coaching program is the relationship between coach and client. We take great care to develop and nurture a relationship with our clients that is based on trust and respect–a relationship that will support them in achieving their goals.

We offer a range of customized coaching options for our clients, including Accelerated Coaching Programs, Advanced Accelerated Coaching Programs and Full Coaching Programs. The Accelerated Coaching Program and the Advanced Accelerator Coaching programs are designed for people who are new to and/or curious about the coaching process or for those who have been through the Full Coaching Program and are looking for a “tune up.” These two programs are often (but not always) pre-cursors to our Full Coaching Program.


The Accelerated Coaching Program is our Introductory Coaching Offering designed for people who are new to and/or curious about the coaching process. This program includes four to six coaching sessions spread over the course of three to four months.

The Advanced Accelerator Coaching Program is similar to the Accelerated Program with the addition of two Enneagram Assessments and de-brief coaching sessions to review the results of those assessments.

The Full Coaching Program is a six- to twelve- month integral, developmental coaching program. Included in this program are:

  • Enneagram Assessments and follow up De-Brief Sessions for interpretation.
  • An Intake Assessment and Session.
  • The Development of an Integral Developmental Coaching Program crafted from information obtained during the Intake Assessment. This program includes clearly defined outcomes and the means in which the client will achieve those outcomes. Through the actionable practices laid out in the program, the client will develop and strengthen their capacities as a leader in every area of life, becoming more self- and other-aware in the process.
  • A series of in-person and/or virtual (phone, Skype/Zoom, etc.) coaching sessions. Sessions typically last between 1.5 – 2 hours. The frequency of meetings will be determined by the needs of the client and negotiated during the intake process.
  • E-mail and phone support between sessions. 
  • An exit interview.

“It’s not about trying to find something to help you be a more effective leader. It’s about trying to be a better person. The other will follow.”

–Jim Autry

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