What We Offer.

Leading and living with courage in any area of life is an art form: something that (like any art) requires intention, discipline, commitment, and a whole lot of support in order to keep growing, evolving, becoming.


At Deep Life, we create experiences where individuals, teams, families, couples and organizations can engage in teachings, conversations, and practices to discover what it means to live and lead with courage–and then we provide the support and connections necessary to actually do so. 


The Center for Courageous Living is a place for people to engage with the art of living. The Retreat, The Practice, and The Real Stuff Project are a few of The Center’s offerings, each in their own way providing structured space (and even some unstructured space) to learn, explore, and practice living and leading courageously. Through rigorous teachings and practices (led by folks who are masters-of-their-craft) and the support of an engaged community, those who participate in The Center’s offerings are challenged to strengthen the human spirit in the world around them: find joy in everyday things, listen generously, live and lead with passion, create environment of collaboration, connect, be creative and authentic, be listening and rigorous. Our work is psychological, spiritual, sociological, and ontological…and transformative. 

Our Coaching and Consulting for Courageous Leadership in the Workplace programs, take us out of The Center and into the workplace, supporting individuals and teams in specific leadership areas for growth and development. While these offerings take place in work environments (executive coaching, for example, or team building using the Enneagram and Deep Life methodology), our programs  have a profound affect on every aspect of a person’s life: in the workplace, at home, in their communities, and in the world around them. Courageous Leadership Coaching and Consulting programs introduce people to practices and teachings for more generous listening, healthier communication and collaboration and connection in the workplace…and beyond. 

It is impossible to take this course and not come away changed. I am inspired to show up in life fully and whole.

Workshop Participant

The Three Instincts Enneagram Workshop , Ottawa, Ontario--September 2013

Peter and Angie are excellent teachers, coaches and facilitators–they have a wonderful dynamic together. Their relaxed yet knowledgeable presentation style is engaging, informative and challenging. I am leaving this workshop feeling excited about my work and curious about the people in my life. I know that all of my relationships will benefit because of what I experienced this weekend. Thank you!

Workshop Participant and Senior Executive

Relationships and the Enneagram Workshop, Montreal, Quebec--October 2014

I was deeply touched the first time I heard Don (Riso) and Russ (Hudson) present, it was a soul’s journey they brought to life through the Enneagram and you both carry that same message. I am grateful for the experience and look forward to more stories shared together.

Participant and Spiritual Director

Wisdom of the Enneagram, Toronto, Ontario--January 2016