Deep Thoughts.

Thoughts, ideas, and observations about courageous life and leadership.

A new home for The Center for Courageous Living

  It needed to be "just right": a property imbued with character and history (but not in need of too much repair), a place alive with stories and life and love to build on and add to. "Lots of light" and "space to wander" and "fresh air" were high on the list of...

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Small town. Big world.

"I was born in a small town..." I tearfully sang along with John Mellencamp yesterday, sometimes at the top of my lungs, sometimes barely above a whisper, and always slightly off-pitch-yet-sincere. “I cannot forget from where it is that I come from…I cannot forget the...

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The big deal about The Practice.

The Practice is one of the three foundational components of The Center for Courageous Living.   It is designed to build muscles of courage, compassion, sincerity, awareness, joy and resilience…the qualities of sincere and authentic leadership that are urgently needed...

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Toes. Grief. Stories. And what it means to be alive.

So...I finally got a pedicure. I was way overdue.  The Asian woman who cares for my feet when I’m in Phoenix (I'm in Phoenix right now) lit up when I walked into her shop yesterday. “You’re back!!! Canada—you came back!!!” She can never remember my name, but she does...

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