The Center for Courageous Living

For those who are committed to be of service to the human spirit in the world.

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“We cannot change the world as it is…but we can see the world and open up to it as it is (and as it isn’t). No matter the situation or circumstance, we can engage in generous, real conversations—conversations that explore values, affirm doubts and feelings and intuition, conversations that are curious and connective and life giving.

Not only can we engage in these conversations, we must. It is in the simple act of generously listening and speaking that we connect with each other and ourselves and Life…and discover anew (or maybe even for the first time) that gentleness, decency, courage, grace, joy, and love are ever and always available to us and to all human beings. These are ways of being that change everything, giving us the capacity to persevere, to act and speak with courageous willingness. These are qualities that, with compassion, critical awareness and rigorous practice, allow us to become more whole and holy human beings—a presence that is desperately needed in the world (and our families and our workplaces and our communities) right now.

This work of becoming doesn’t happen in isolation. We need the support of a strong community with us on this path—others who are committed to be of service to the human spirit in the world at this time. We need each other now more than ever…”

–Angie Arendt, on the “why” behind The Center for Courageous Living.

The Center for Courageous Living offers programs for those who feel a sense of urgency, a calling, a deep yearning to bring sanity, compassion, and authentic connection into their own lives and into the world around them. This is a place where people of all walks of life are invited to engage in: 1). teachings, explorations, and conversations that stretch and challenge their ways of thinking and being, 2). practices that integrate those teachings into everyday life and 3). a community that “agrees to differ, resolves to love, and unites to serve.” The Center is a place where people grow as whole and holy human beings and strengthen their capacity to be of service to the human spirit in the world (at home, at work, and in the community). 

The inaugural event for The Center will be The Retreat: An Invitation to Courageous Living, held late October/early November 2017 in the Ottawa, Ontario area. Details for The Retreat can be found here.

Immediately following The Retreat: An Invitation…, The Practice will begin. The Practice is a regular gathering for people to get together (in person or, when necessary, virtually) to engage in directed practices for self- and other-awareness, emotional and spiritual growth. Through the work of The Practice, participants will become aware of places where they are “stuck” in life and engage in conversations and explorations that allow them to become “un-stuck,” growing in confidence, compassion, and joy in the process.

The Retreat: Taking it Deeper will take place in the Spring of 2018. This will take the work of The Retreat: An Invitation to Courageous Living and the on-going work of The Practice to a deeper level, strengthening relationships, clarifying purpose, building resilience, and embodying joy.

People can register for one, two, or all three of the offerings from The Center for Courageous Living this year–there is no pre-requisite for any of these events.