The Center for Courageous Living

The Center for Courageous Living offers opportunities for people to connect with others, growing and strengthening their capacities to be sources for good and forces for joy in the world. 

The Center offers rigorous, mindful practices and teachings that will improve your relationships, strengthen your communication skills, discover and engage with the art of listening, (re)connect with who you are and what you are here to do…and the support you need to do it.

Our offerings are academic and experiential: disciplined teachings intended to stretch and challenge you. Our programs and events are much more than food-for-your-brain, though. Everything offered through The Center for Courageous Living is designed with one thing in mind: to invite, support, and empower you to live an integrated, whole, fully human life: no separation between the secular and sacred, no difference between who you are at work and who you are at home.

At one. With yourself. With others. With Source.

Join us this fall and see for yourself. You’ll be glad you did.

The Retreat: an Invitation to Courageous Living begins Saturday, October 14th. Early registration deadline is Thursday, August 31st.

The Practice is a six-month community and awareness building program for all kinds of people from all kinds of places (not just Canada!) who have a deep yearning to strengthen their ability and capacity to be honest bullshit callers, joyful revellers, and connection makers in every area of life. This program will be led by a variety of teachers, experts, sages, and masters-of-their craft (all kinds of crafts and areas of expertise, we might add) from all over North America. The outcome of this work: growth and transformation as creative, courageous, live-rs and lovers and leaders in every area of life.


Coming up October 14-16, 2017:

The Retreat.

The inaugural event for The Center will be The Retreat: An Invitation to Courageous Living, held October 14-16, 2017 at The Opinicon: a beautiful, historic lodge and retreat centre 90 minutes south of Ottawa, Ontario.


Details for The Retreat can be found here.

Coming this fall and winter: 

The Practice.


The Practice is a seven month program where participants will meet approximately every other week for two hours of exploring, conversation, and practices for continued awareness, growth and development. Angie Arendt and Peter McGaugh will lead each session along with visiting faculty–folks from all over North America who have years of experience in human development and mastery in their craft…as well as skill for connecting with others, getting folks excited about the possibilities for their lives. More details (dates, faculty, etc.) will be coming soon.


The Retreat: Taking it Deeper will take place in the Spring of 2018.


This will take the work of The Retreat: An Invitation to Courageous Living and the on-going work of The Practice to a deeper level.

People can register for one, two, or all three of the offerings from The Center for Courageous Living this year–there is no pre-requisite for any of these events.


“We cannot change the world as it is…but we can see the world and open up to it as it is (and as it isn’t). No matter the situation or circumstance, we can engage in generous, real conversations—conversations that explore values, affirm doubts and feelings and intuition, conversations that are curious and connective and life giving.

Not only can we engage in these conversations, we must. It is in the simple act of generously listening and speaking that we connect with each other and ourselves and Life…and discover anew (or maybe even for the first time) that gentleness, decency, courage, grace, joy, and love are ever and always available to us and to all human beings. These are ways of being that change everything, giving us the capacity to persevere, to act and speak with courageous willingness. These are qualities that, with compassion, critical awareness and rigorous practice, allow us to become more whole and holy human beings—a presence that is desperately needed in the world (and our families and our workplaces and our communities) right now.

This work of becoming doesn’t happen in isolation. We need the support of a strong community with us on this path—others who are committed to be of service to the human spirit in the world at this time. We need each other now more than ever…”


–Angie Arendt, on the “why” behind The Center for Courageous Living.